Project management, renovation consultancy

Often the thought of a big or even small renovation can be daunting for those that are not in the construction industry so we’re here to help guide you through, our experience doing this over and over has lead us to a true tried and tested system that maximizes productivity and efficiency and no second guessing who to call next and who you should have called first then pulling your hair out later after undoing mistakes that could have easily been avoided and create you a plan, Budget, Schedule and to be your sounding board for anything need for your project we give you direct access to our staff and our resources, we will also help you with style and color choices and can offer (if you’d like) an interior design consult with an in House designer over the phone to help you find your true style and help create your dream space.
If you are planning to take on a project and would like help and guidance we can help with design consultancy, full project management or we can outline a custom construction schedule for you to follow yourself no matter where you are in Australia. Please contact us for pricing so we can create a custom plan for you.